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Edvard Munch

Imaging E.Munch collection in Bergen, Norway

2012 June. The Bergen Museum of Art wants to MSI document their unique E. Munch collection.

The Bergen Museum of Art has just given me the exstraordinary opportunity to document with MSI (Multi-spectral iamging) 43 paintings of their E. Munch collection. The museum personnel has been proactive planning every detail so that the examination could be performed in just 2 weeks on 43 paintings and 6 prints- collecting 14 images for each piece. The Museum is going to use this material for the 150 E. Munch jubileum in 2013.


Yngve Magnusson, MSc
Head of Conservation Bergan Art Museum

Dr. Antonino Cosentino has worked on two projects in Bergen Art Museum.
Both projects have given us information "never seen before", for two leading Artists in Norway; J.C.Dahl and Edvard Munch. From the original need for Documentation as preparation for Conservation work, has the Multi Spectral Imaging led us to new exhibition material. Dr. Cosentino has also assisted us in finding the right tools for presenting the information.
With an average of documenting 5 to 6 paintings a day, have we used our budget for documentation very well. In 6 weeks work did Dr. Cosentino produced enough material for two or three publications.
I can recommend the services of Dr Cosentino, for every one that need high level , quality scientific information about their paintings. I will continue using the service of Dr. Cosentino.


Nordic Romantic landscapes: J.C Dahl

2012 March. Multispecttral Imaging on 50 paintings of J.C Dahl, Norway's romantic landscape painter.


French Renaissance manuscripts, Morgan Library, New York

2012 Sept. Discovering technique and materials of the artist Master of Claude de France.

Morgan library asked our collaboration to study techniques and materials used by an artist which created excellent illuminations in the early 16th century. The name of this artist is unknown and so he’s referred to as the Master of Claude de France since his major works where done for this French Queen.
This study focus on works made by the Master of Claude de France himself and by two contemporaries artists which were in relation with the Master: Jean Poyer and Jean Bourdichon. We want compare his style with contemporaneis: underdrawing, pigments and technique

Francisco Trujillo, Associate Book Conservator The Morgan Library & Museum, New York, NY

Dr. Cosentino does terrific work.  He is professional, fast and highly competent.  I would gladly work with him again. 





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